Brochure du congrès « Granulomatosis Sarcoidosis, Mineralogical Aanalysis and Inorganic Particles Hypersensibility » organisé par l’ALCTMP (5-6-7 Décembre 2016)

In 1929, the International Labour Organization had a preliminary meeting in Lyon ahead of the
1930 Johannesburg Conference. It was the fourth meeting of the permanent International Committee
on Occupational Diseases. France declined to attend the Johannesburg Conference and only recognized
Silicosis as an Occupational disease in 1945…

Furthermore, the pathologist regarded by many as one of the precursors of pulmonary
pathology, Policard, worked in Lyon. He is recognised by a citation in Dean E Schraufnagel 1990 book on
Electron Microscopy of the lung (Vol 48 in Lung Biology in Health and Disease directed by National
Heart, Lung and Blood Institute). The introduction of this book by Claude Lenfant from Bethesda quotes
Policard and then adds « A. Policard is credited by the French to be the master, if not the creator of
pulmonary histopathology. In 1929, he published the first edition of Poumon (the lungs). It says that if
we want to understand lung pathology we must understand lung structure ».
Policard worked with a famous Lyonnais pulmonologist, Pierre Galy who was a clinician,
physiopathologist and pathologist and tought us a lot of what we know in pulmonology.

The Association de Lutte contre les Cancers Thoraciques et les Maladies Pulmonaires (ALCTMP),
Association for fight against Lung Cancer and Pulmonary Disease, works in synergy with Minapath
Development which bought a Scanning Electron Microscope with the aim of providing mineralogical
analysis and try to develop such analysis at a manageable cost.
There will also be some social events. We have cancelled the trip to Perouges for two reasons :
December is not a good time to visit this medieval city by night and staying in Lyon may allow us to see
some of the Light Festival attractions (which starts on 8th december).
We hope you enjoy your stay.

Dr JF Alex – President ALCTMP
Mme A Auroux – Vice-Presidente ALCTMP
Dr M Vincent – Scientific coordinator