Sarcoidosis and inorganic dust exposure in the MINASARC (Mineralo-Nano-SARCoidosis) study

It has been suggested that sarcoidosis may be associated with exposure to inorganic particles (Newman 2012, Vincent 2015). The mineral exposome can be studied by means of a specific questionnaire "whole life", in the professional and nonprofessional contexts and by mineralogical analysis carried out on the bronchoalveolar lavages (LBA). The MINASARC study is a prospective case-control study measuring mineral exposure by questionnaire and mineralogical analysis of BAL by transmission electron microscopy in 20 cases of sarcoidosis compared to 20 healthy volunteers. Our objective is to compare the results of the mineralogical analysis and the questionnaire between patients with sarcoidosis and healthy volunteers and to study the correlation between the mineralogical analysis and the questionnaire.